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Vacation Transport

Carolyn R.

"I picked up Bruce's card on a whim while at Fabio's vet and threw it into my purse.  A week later I found it and checked out the website.  Called them immediately.  Best call I have ever made.  The services offered and how they are executed by Bruce and his wife, Daleen, are something I have been searching for, for years.  Bruce transported my GSD, Fabio, from Houston to Montana in his luxury transport van, freeing me up to fly and prepare.  Perfect!  Fabio loved the trip.

I could go on and on about Bruce and Lone Star Pet Carriage, but will sum it up and say, best experience ever."

Life Savers!

Dr. Gregg

Lone Star Pet Carriage and Bruce have been life savers.  My dog had not been feeling well, then got better, then took a turn for the worse.   I called Bruce and within one hour he had her at the vet.  It turned out to be a bowel obstruction.  If he had not been so efficient and caring, I am not sure my dog would still be with us.  He would text photos of each step of the transport and the staff at the vet’s office stated he was wonderful.  He followed up with calls and truly cares about your pet.  He also has taken my other dog to the vet when I was not able to get off work and worked with the vet on when to pick him up after his procedure.  I cannot say enough good things about Lone Star  and Bruce.

Daily Delivery

Kristina M.

I could not be happier with the services that Lone Star Pet Carriage provide.  My kiddos – Safa and Joey - are delighted to see Bruce each day.  He safely transports them to daycare, the vet’s office or anywhere else I request.  In fact, they jump right into the van and are ready to go!  I love that Lone Star Pet Carriage are dedicated to providing safe, reliable transportation for my fur babies.  They not only provide excellent services, they love pets too.